Inch by Inch Child Development Center

 Children need autonomy and opportunities to explore their world.  We create an environment and develop a curriculum that supports the growing interests of the students in our care, and allows them to thoroughly explore and investigate these curiosities. 

Our program structure is mainly developed using the HighScope Preschool Curriculum.  The HighScope Curriculum content areas include: Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Health, Language, Literacy and Communication, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Science and Technology, and Social Studies.  

We explore these areas through play and exploration of materials.  Although teachers plan a daily activity, we allow the children to utilize the materials presented in their own way, and (with reasonable means) expand the activity to support their plan.  

In addition to our indoor curriculum, we spend a lot of time outdoors in our huge natural playground.  We believe it is extremely beneficial for children to explore the natural world.   

For more information on HighScope, visit, and/or schedule a tour.  Please note, we do not conduct home visits.  

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